Workshop Solo Jazz in Swing
verantwortlich: Ingrid Arzberger

Are you looking for a way to better understand how your body moves when you dance?

How to look for your own personal moves?


During the workshop we offer classes focused on developing the connection you have with your body while dancing using SWING music and SOLO JAZZ moves as a tool for it. The course will give you a basic vocabulary of solo jazz moves, an exploration of those in various levels of difficulty and finally how to feel comfortable adding your personal style to every move. Solo jazz dancing involves five main areas: Vocabulary, Rhythm, Connection, Style and Musicality. They will all be addressed on different degrees. Different exercises and routines will be taught and practiced. Transfer of the newly gained moves to dancing with a partner is encouraged. This workshop is suitable for beginner and intermediate level - no previous knowledge required, but experience with rhythmical body movement or enjoyment of expressing yourself by dancing suggested.


The course will be held in English.

KursnrOffer No.DetailsDetailTagDayZeitTimeOrtLocationZeitraumDurationLeitungGuidancePreisCostBuchungBooking
3905Sa-So10:00-15:00GH08.06.-09.06.Stefanie Thiel, Carlos Gómez40/ 50/ 60 €