Yoga Vinyasa Flow Online Class
verantwortlich: Ingrid Arzberger

In this class we move fluently from one Asana into the next. We will start with sun salutations and then transition into a creative Flow that is linked to the breath. We will work on strength, mobility and balance while calming the mind through the connection of movement and breath. In the end we close the practice with deeper stretches to wind down and finish the day at ease. All levels are welcome.

A Zoom Link will be provided before the classes start.

Please be registered at least 24 hours before the class starts. The zoom link will be sent approx. 24 hours before each lesson, as there may be a delay in delivery for GMX and Web.de email addresses.


23092FerienangebotMo18:00-19:00zoom30.08.-11.10.Deliah Seefluth
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